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Fineshare Finecam Review: AI Virtual Camera for webcam

AI is getting into every single thing. Most of the video recording or meeting software already have a few AI features that can easily change the background or do a couple of stuff. However, Fineshare Finecame takes it to a new level. It’s an AI virtual camera that is specially designed for video recording and video conferencing. It can be used as an individual or even for a team meeting or while hosting a conference.

Finecam overview: What is an AI virtual camera?

AI virtual camera looks a bit unique name for many people. Many people wonder whether it’s worth it. To make a decision there, you will first need to know what is AI virtual camera and what exactly Fineshare Finecame does for you.

Finecam is a virtual camera that has many AI features to make video conferencing more good. To begin with, you can use any device as your webcam using this AI. It’s highly recommended if you think your mic is not good enough as it can also enhance the audio quality of your mic. In the same way, if you are in a conference meeting, this tool can help you get multiple angles from your different cameras and you can easily switch between them.

This is just to begin with. We will now see all about these features in-depth.

Features of Finecam: Where it’s used?

There are multiple Finecame features that you can get. However, we will focus more on the important ones that are useful for you as an individual or as a company.

1. Capture anything without limits or lag

No matter which tool you use for conferencing, there are always some limits or lags while you record stuff with their integrated camera. This software makes it easier to record anything you want without any lagging. Additionally, there are no limits on the recording.

2. Improve Mic Quality

Even if you get the finest mic, there are some disturbances if you don’t set up your microphone. Fiencam AI can use artificial intelligence to enhance the quality of your microphone giving other attendees a clear output.

3. Remove background

This one’s even available for most of the meeting apps. So, it doesn’t make much sense to emphasize it. However, the best part here is that you can even remove the background instead of replacing it. They even have an AI background generator integrated within it.

4. Integration with other apps

AI tools are useless if it doesn’t connect with other apps, right? Finecam AI can easily integrate and connect with other platforms. The top platforms that you might want to connect with include YouTube, Teams, Meet, and Zoom, and it can even connect with OBS if you are streaming.

5. Video enhancer and desktop videos

Finecam AI – An AI virtual camera acts like one. You can adjust brightness, add filters, and adjust your video using AI. It can also allow you to add your video to the desktop. Lastly, it has a smart portrait mode to enhance your face from the background.

6. Presentation and branding

As we already mentioned above it can connect with OBS. So, people can use it for streaming as well. To make it more interesting, you can easily present the videos in just a matter of seconds. Further, you can also add branding to the video which is great for streaming.

Fineshare Finecame pricing: Free plan available?

Fineshare Finecame free version is available which is very limited. You can upgrade to the paid plan to get access to every feature. The paid plan starts at $9.95 per month where you can get access to 1 computer.

But, you know what? If you want to go with the yearly plan of Finecam AI, it will just cost you $2.25 a month which is only $29.99 a year.

Don’t want to pay yearly? They also have a lifetime plan which costs you $59.99 for a lifetime.


Fineshare Finecam Review: Is it worth it?

Fineshare Finecam is a great AI camera made for specific usage. The best part is that it combines all the software into a single software. For example, you can get all the mentioned features in different software which are free. However, if you want everything in one, you can go with Finecam. So, if your requirements are specific and you want to have everything in one place, the Finecam AI camera is good for you. For others, you can avoid paying for this tool as per our recommendation.

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