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MailButler Review: Best addon for email?

This is a full Mailbutler review by AI Jumble where we will see everything you need to know about this email addon. Mailbutler is an AI tool used as an email add-on. You can add this in any of your preferred inboxes and it will help you with managing your emails.

Mailbutler Overview

Let’s begin the guide with the overview. Before you start making more assumptions, it’s important to know that Mailbulter is just an extension that helps you with your current email inbox that you’re using. Therefore, we have been saying that it’s an email extension and not a complete assistant.

Mailbutler Features

In this AI Jumble’s Mailbutler review, we will now see the complete list of features provided by the AI tool. We will not simply list out the features. Instead, we will also talk about how you can use these features and we will give a quick overview of Mailbutler review for the feature.

1. Smart Send Later

Time plays an important role if you are sending emails to a lot of users. Some users only open their emails once a day. So, if there are tons of emails in the inbox, they are more likely going to skip the emails. Instead, if you send the email at the exact time, the person might just open it. You can schedule emails for optimal delivery times or let Mailbutler suggest the best time based on recipient behavior. Lifewire says that an average professional receives 121 emails a day. So, you need to send the emails at the right time.

2. Email Signatures

Create professional and customizable email signatures to enhance your brand image. Email signature is the basic feature that is provided in every single inbox. What’s new here is that you can create a creative signature. So, if you are a new freelancer, you can use this feature. If not, you can always use AI Jumble to find the right AI tools.

3. Notes

As the name says, you can attach informative notes to emails and contacts to keep track of important details and context. It can stay right beside the email for your help.

4. Email Templates

At AI Jumble, we believe that email templates are one of the best ways to send faster easy-to-read emails. So, you can use these email templates and simply copy and paste the text that you’re going to send.

5. Contacts

There are a lot of inboxes where you don’t have proper contact management. Mailbutler email addon makes it easier to manage across the emails.

6. Snooze

If you wish to stay out of your emails for a while, this feature is very useful. You can temporarily remove emails from your inbox but keep them on hand for later attention without cluttering your main view.

7. Collaborators

Share contacts, notes, tasks, signatures, and templates with team members for improved collaboration and project management. Have an email manager or email writer? This tool will be useful. This is yet another good feature in the Mailbutler review.

8. Smart Assistant

There are multiple features available in the Smart Assistant. This feature has multiple small features. At AI Jumble, we believe in providing a complete Mailbulter review. So, here is a list of all the sub-features.

    • Compose emails for you by suggesting relevant content and improvements.
    • Respond to emails by helping you craft effective replies.
    • Summarize lengthy emails, allowing you to quickly grasp the important points.
    • Improve your emails by analyzing them and suggesting improvements to enhance clarity, conciseness, and professionalism.
    • Find contact information within your emails.
    • Identify tasks mentioned in emails and add them to your to-do list.

Mailbutler Pricing

The most basic plan offered by Mailbutler is the Tracking plan, priced at $4.95 per user per month. This plan is ideal for individuals or teams who want to gain greater insight into their email communication. With Tracking, you can see if and when your emails are opened. It’s not just limited to the email open tracking, you will get a lot kore features such as how many times they’ve been viewed. This allows you to gauge recipient engagement and optimize your communication strategy.

They also have a 14-day free trial where you can try the AI email assistant.

You can always view the complete features and pricing on their pricing page.

Pros of Mailbutler

  • Helps you a lot with automation. 
  • You can automate the workflows which is a great feature. 
  • Classification will help a small company with a lot of users and very few staff. 

Cons of Mailbutler

  • While the classification feature is great, most email management tools already provide it or the companies have an alternate way of classifying it. 
  • There is a very limited free trial with no free plan. The pricing for the base plan starts at a much higher rate. 

Mailbutler Alternatives

In the next section, we are going to talk about what are the Mailbutler alternatives and how you can use them. Till now, we have seen everything you need to know about the app in this Mailbutler review. Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the best alternatives you can use instead of using Mailbutler.
As this is an AI tool, you can always use multiple such tools instead of just using one AI email assistant tool.

This is exactly why we recommend taking a look at multiple emails, and assistant AI tools to know which one is for you. Each app will have different features which are curated for different people. So, one app might be perfect for you while the other one might be completely useless for you.

At AI Jumble, we have curated a list of the best AI email assistant tools. You can have a look at this complete list and find out which ones are made for you.

PS: Even Mailbutler is included here which is the best part about the list.

Let’s share one more interesting thing with you while we are on this topic. If you’re looking for a Mailbutler alternative, you should have a look at “Emailtree review”. Emailtree is one of the best AI email assistants that you might have come across. However, is it worth the hype or it’s just another useless AI tool that you should avoid? That’s where you need to check our complete review.

As we did here, we take a look at everything you should know about a tool. This includes features, pros, and cons, and we even give a final verdict.

Talking about the final verdict, it’s time for the initial verdict for Mailbutler.

Mailbutler review: Should you register?

Mailbutler has a lot of features powered by AI. It’s an assistant or works as an extension rather than a standalone tool. So, if you ask opinion on AI Jumble, we would recommend it for a few use cases. If you are receiving a lot of emails regularly and you are not using any email marketing or management tool for this email, Mailbutler will help you with everything related to emails.

However, if you are already using an email marketing or management tool, you need to first see if the email tool you’re using is providing such features or not. Depending on that, you can make your decision on whether to go with Mailbutler or avoid it.

Overall, our Mailbiutler review is quite positive due to its multiple features and cheap price.


To conclude, you can go with Mailbutler if you’re looking for multiple features. Now, if you want to similar other AI tools, AI Jumble comes into the picture. We have a list of multiple AI tools you can use in your daily life as well as for business purposes.

These AI tools are listed in our directory whereas if you’re looking for a full review of any tool, you can check out our blog. If the tool is popular enough, we would be adding such reviews. So, you know how to navigate AI Jumble to get the best out of the AI tools.

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