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HixAI: Hixwriter vs HixArticle

HixAI: Hix AI is a popular AI suite with multiple AI tools available inside it. Among many of the given AI tools, one of them is Hix Writer which is an AI writing assistant. In the same way, they also have an AI tool called Hix Article.  It becomes confusing for many people to choose between these two as both of them sound very similar. Today, we are going to see everything you need to know about these two AI tools inside Hix AI.  The article is mostly based on where it’s used. So, we will focus more on the use case rather than the features. 

What is Hix writer?

Hixwriter is a writing assistant that allows you to write content with the help of AI. it can help you in getting the right response. Hix has more than 120 writing AI tools integrated inside the writing assistant. You can use any of these AI tools to do the process. 

Where is Hix Writer used?

They have multiple categories in which their writer can write. We will see each category in brief to cover the most important tools available in it. 

Academic Writing

For students, researchers, and academics, the suite includes tools that streamline the process of writing research papers, essays, and reports. HixAI: Hixwriter vs HixArticle. From helping with thesis statements to summarizing studies, these tools are built to support any level of academic standards.

Articles & SEO

Content creators focusing on digital marketing and SEO will find specialized tools for crafting articles that rank well on search engines. These tools assist in keyword optimization and headline generation. You can use tools to ensure that content is both engaging and SEO-friendly.


The suite offers email writing tools that help businesses and individuals craft compelling emails. Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, professional correspondence, or customer engagement, these tools aim to improve open rates and conversions.

Social & Ad

For social media marketers and advertisers, Hix provides tools tailored to creating catchy social media posts and ad copy. These solutions are designed to capture attention, drive engagement, and mainly we all use AI tools to increase click-through rates across various platforms.


E-commerce businesses can benefit from AI tools focused on product descriptions, customer reviews, and other content that enhances online shopping experiences. Now, you don’t have to worry about the sales. 

Slogan Generator

Brands looking to make a lasting impression can utilize the slogan generator to come up with memorable taglines. This tool is perfect for brainstorming sessions. You can use this to create a slogan for an ad or you can simply use it to impress your friends. 

What is Hix Article?

Hix article is an AI tool that is used to write SEO-friendly articles. It can use the data from the news or it can help you with the stats too. HixAI: Hixwriter vs HixArticle Overall, if your main aim is to write factually correct articles and have multiple sources, you can use Hix article.

Hix Article: Use-cases

We will now see the use cases for the HIxAI article tool. 

News Articles

Want to engage more readers with up-to-date & fact-based news articles? You got the article writer here. It can cite the right source and get the news in real time to get information about what’s happening around the world. 

Amazon Product Roundups

Have your product on Amazon and want to write a description? Or do you want to earn more commissions with credible Amazon product roundups? HixAI: Hixwriter vs HixArticle. Hix Article is here for you to write the perfect articles for product roundups. 

Single Amazon Product Reviews

Drive more sales with fact-based single Amazon product reviews. You can select any product you want and ask Hix AI to write a review about that product. It can even cite the news from the web.

How-to Guides

You can always create a how-to article with a complete tutorial where you can add the right facts. Hix AI article will help you in ranking with SEO. As how-to guides are more likely to be seen on Google.

Product Comparison Articles

Help your readers make informed purchases with honest product comparisons. You can add two products that you reviewed and create a comparison article from the same. It will then create a detailed product review for you. 

Final Verdict: When to use which?

HixWriter is a writing assistant used for general-purpose writing including generating ideas or simply writing essays. However, if your main goal is to write blogs for your revenue-making website, we would recommend going with the HixArticle. 

HixAI: Hixwriter vs HixArticle.The best part is that both of these have the same pricing. So, you will have to pay the same price for any of these. 

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