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Take notes in meetings using AI: Gamechanger or Gimmick?

Meetings are extremely common in the corporate world. The management team wants to get into a “QUICK” Meeting session that can last up to an hour.  According to Muse, the management team spends 50% of their time in meetings. Crazy, isn’t it? It becomes confusing on what things were discussed and how many are missing. So, you can use take notes in meetings using AI through this tool. Therefore, we are here with an amazing article on how you can have an AI make the notes for you. 

How you can take notes in meetings using AI?

The process is simple. We will use an AI tool that takes notes from the meetings. This tool can be added just like you add a human being. You can send an invite to the given email address and then it will join.  Thereafter, the AI tool will silently capture all the things said in the meeting and give you the transcript of the same. As it’s an AI, you can quickly search and analyze the calls.  The tool is called Fireflies. Let’s learn more about it. 

How can Fireflies help in note-taking?

Fireflies.ai takes notes on the go. When you are in a meeting, all you have to do is invite fireflies to join the meeting. You can get the email address of Fireflies once you register for an account. Thereafter, it will start recording the meeting and give you the details. Let’s understand in-depth to know what details we will get. 

Automate Recording and Transcription

Gone are the days of frantic note-taking or worrying about missing critical details during a meeting. Fireflies.ai offers seamless integration with popular video-conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, Webex, and others, allowing automatic recording and transcription of meetings. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a direct call or an audio file, Fireflies captures everything. Once captured, it also does the process of converting speech into text in minutes.  This allows you to focus more on the discussion and less on documentation.

AI-Powered Search Within Your Meetings

Imagine needing only 5 minutes to review an hour-long meeting. Yes, we all know that corporate meetings take a lot of time. When we do AI Jumble’s meetings, even we spend hours of our time reviewing a small piece of work. It’s crucial. But once the review is done, it shouldn’t take more time.  Take notes in meetings using AI. Fireflies.ai makes this possible with its AI-powered search functionality. You can quickly identify action items, tasks, and questions, filtering through conversations to listen to key topics discussed. This feature ensures that no critical information is lost and helps in better meeting management.

Collaboration and Integration

Collaboration is at the heart of every successful project, and Fireflies.ai understands this well. You can add comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of the conversation.  Take notes in meetings using AI. They also have the feature of creating soundbites and sharing memorable moments or crucial insights from meetings. Lastly, you can integrate it with any of the productivity tools like Slack, Notion, and Asana.

Conversation Intelligence for Deeper Insights

Fireflies.ai goes beyond mere transcription. Take notes in meetings using AI.  Imagine an AI for your meeting that will answer your questions or give you a quick brief about the meeting. That’s what Fireflies does. 

Workflow Automation From Meetings

Create a task in management software and then do another process. Now, you don’t need to do it manually. 

Organization for the management

Everything becomes useless if there is no management and organization. Take notes in meetings using AI. Fireflies help your team keep all their talks in one place, updating itself with every conversation. You can sort these talks by different teams or topics. Moreover, you can choose who gets to see what. So, you can keep the private stuff private and only show the important bits to the right people in your team.

Fireflies pricing

Want to know the best part about all these? There is a free plan for Fireflies AI. So, you can always start for free to check out how it works. They allow unlimited records. Take notes in meetings using AI. However, the summaries they provide are short and limited. So, you will have to make some adjustments there. 

The paid plan starts at $10 if you go with an annual plan. 


To conclude, we can say that AI games are changing at a much faster speed. Now, you can have an AI sit in your meeting and take notes. They have a free plan. So, you can surely give it a try to see how it works and whether it’s worth it or not.

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