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CivitAI review: An Open-source AI Portal

This is a complete CivitAI review where we will see what is Civit AI, how to use CivitAI, and what the top CivitAI features you need to know about.  When you visit their website, it says that it’s an open-source market for AI. However, many people are confused as there are no specific instructions on what is it and how you can use it. For this, many people are confused by the same. 

What is CivitAI?

CivitAI is an open-source home for generative AIs where you can use the website for stable diffusion as well as for generative images. If you are into art or generative images, you will love this website. You can find and even download many different models for stable diffusion as well as for embeddings. CivitAI review: An Open-source AI Portal.  If you are unaware of stable defusion, it’s a very popular image technique used to create a realistic image from the generated image, text, or even noise. It’s a large model used by many generative AIs.  In the modern world, even with lots of AIs, it is hard to find the right stable diffusion AI that can do the work for you. That’s where CivitAI comes in. In this complete CivitAI review, we are going to see all the things you need to know about the AI tool.  Let’s start with the main thing which is the CivitAI features. 

Features Of CivitAI

We won’t necessarily term them as CivitAI features but these are the sub tools offered by CivitAI which are the features of this AI tool. As we are doing the complete CivitAI review, we will see every single tool/feature. 

Models Of CivitAI

The model page is for you if you are looking for different models you can use in your work. These models are generated and trained by other users. You can download them and modify them according to your needs. 

CivitAI review:

To begin with, some of them are checkpoint trained while some of them even have advanced controls. You can use these models in gaming, videos, and much more. These models are widely used in many tools. While most of the models are compatible with all the tools as they can be downloaded in multiple extensions, some models are for specific software or tools only. 

You can see in the sidebar that to know about the model and how these can be used. You can use these models and tip the creator if you want. 

Images Of CivitAI

Images are very common nowadays. However, if you are looking for pre-generated images using AI, you can use CivitAI to find them. When you download the images, you can use them anywhere. All of them are free to use. So, you can use any of these images as per your need. After the launch of Sora, videos have become more and more popular as people are getting more confident about AI-generating videos. However, there are no concrete tools that regular users can use to generate videos. Therefore, this section is quite useful for people who want to get AI videos for their movies, games, marketing, and much more. 

Posts, articles, and events

Every portal is also a home to its content. Just like in AI Jumble, we have multiple functionalities you can use to access AI newsletters, AI web stories, etc. CivitAI also has its section.  The posts section is for all kinds of posts where you can find images, videos, and even articles. While the article section is dedicated to articles only.  Lastly, if there are any AI events, these events can be found here in the section. As it’s an open-source website, you will find many posts, articles, and events you can attend. Overall, it’s quite overwhelming when all sections of the websites are regularly updated. 

PS: Even we at AI Jumble regularly update all the sections. 


Want to make some cash? Bounties are for you. What are the bounties? Well, if you are good with the AIs, you can create the models, images, or videos for someone else. When you do it successfully, you will get the buzzes. You can use the buzzes for various stuff to withdraw the money.

Here’s an example. 

You can see all the details in the side section and read the description below where it says about the bounty. This one has a 1 line description. However, most of the bounties that you will get will even have multiple lines which will give you a perfect idea about the bounty.


Builds are systems you can purchase for development. It is for people who are into developing stable diffusion builds. It takes a lot of time and effort to build one. Therefore, some people are selling these buildings here at Civit. In this CIvitAI review, we will also see if they are worth it or not.  The price is too much. You can filter them with the help of the filters to get the right build based on your budget. 

CivitAI functionalities

Till now, we have seen everything about the AIs, and we will now see what functionalities you will get here. 

  • The first thing is the search feature. You can filter them out via models, images, and videos. 
  • You can even filter the events. 
  • There is a login page using which you can save and bookmark the models that you love. 
  • There is a filter in each section to filter out images, models, etc. 

Pros of CivitAI

There are multiple advantages of CivitAI that we will see here. 

  • To begin with, the models, images, and everything else created and uploaded here are very attractive and professional. 
  • The builds they are uploaded can be used for commercial purposes as well. 
  • All free options to get the images you want. You can tip if you want. 
  • A complete community where you can like, comment, share, and even discuss with other fellow AI users. 

Cons of CivitAI

There are some of the disadvantages as well. 

  • Multiple good images or models to choose from become quite overwhelming if you are looking for stuff for a small purpose. 
  • It’s hard to find the purpose of the website when you visit the website for the first time. That’s where you need to get the help of CivitAI review like us. Well, that’s good for AI jumble. 😉

Note that there are even some controversies regarding CivitAI where it published posts that were not supposed to be published as per the laws. However, they have now fixed it. So, we don’t think it’s an issue you need to worry about. 

How To Use CivitAI?

Now it’s pretty much self-explanatory on how you can use CivitAI. However, we will quickly review it as promised. 

  • You can use CivitAI to find the right models, images, videos, and even builds to use on your project. 
  • Once you find the right element, you can simply download it for free or pay a small price to download it. 
  • Thereafter, it can be imported into the specific AI software which was stated in the model description. 
  • Once you import it, you can start modifying stuff and embed it in your project. 
  • If you don’t have the project, some images and videos are even allowed to be used directly which is rare. So, you will have to import it on your project if you want to use it.  

We highly recommend you keep checking the website and explore it as much as possible to get the best out of CivitAI usage. 

CivitAI: Should you use it?

Now comes our opinion. The short answer is obviously YES.  It’s an amazing AI tool that is open source and heaven for AI enthusiasts who are using stable diffusion or other similar tools in their projects.  If you are one among them, you will find a lot of useful information and models here that you can use to get the best out of your project. The elements can be embedded in your project to create a beautiful output of your project.  The best part about CivitAI is that it’s free. So, our CivitAI review is positive and you can use this AI tool. To summarize CivitAi review, it’s a tool that provides amazing Stable Diffusion models, images with attractive colors, textual inversions, aesthetic gradients, hyper networks, builds, and even has a lot of information about the AI world events. 

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