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5 Best ChatPDF AI Tools

Do you have a long PDF in your arsenal and want to get some answers from it? You no longer need to read it. These 5 best ChatPDF AI tools will help you in having conversations with PDF files. You can chat with PDF files and get the answers from it. Some of these AI tools will also be cited from the PDF. So, you can read more about it in the file.

1. ChatPDF

The first one that we love is a dedicated platform for chatting with PDFs. The name itself matches the title (Best ChatPDF AI tools). The ChatPDF AI tool is an ultimate tool with a free plan where you can ask any questions to the PDF.  ChatPDF allows you to use it for free with 2 PDFs every day, each up to 120 pages. For more, you can upgrade to ChatPDF Plus. It’s highly recommended if you want the best tool for chatting with PDFs.

ChatPDF at a glance:
  •       Dedicated platform for PDF file chat.
  •       Cited sources from the original PDFs.
  •       Multiple files upload with multiple chats.
  •       Available in multiple languages.
  •       Recommended for students and researchers.

Sign up: ChatPDF – Chat with any PDF!

2. Ask for your PDF

AskYourPDF is an AI tool to chat with PDF, EPUB, PPT, and even other formats such as TXT and RTF. The basic free plan is very limited as it only allows 3 conversations. The UI is a bit complex for some people who are completely beginners. Of the above 5 best ChatPdf Ai Tools, Ask your pdf is one of them. They also have some of the free tools related to the services they provide such as thesis title generator, book title generator, story generator, lyrics generator, etc. You can use it for fun. 

Ask your PDF at a glance:
  •       Decent free plan with 3 conversations per day and 1 document.
  •       Multiple file formats are supported including EPUB and RTF.
  •       Zotero library plugin, and Chrome extension available.
  •       They also have a mobile app available for IOS and Android.
  •       API to automate and integrate it with your web app.

3. ChatDoc

ChatDoc was featured as Product Hunt product of the day. So, it’s clear that people loved this product. The best part about this AI tool is that it even explains formulas or you can add formulas to get the desired output.  It’s great if you are giving it a math file. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for students and researchers.

ChatDoc at a glance:
  •       Allows all types of docs including website and MT files.
  •       Cited sources available for research and academic usage.
  •       Limited trial version available. Even the Paid version has many limitations.
  •       It can act as a monitoring tool or an assistant.
  •       The price is affordable.

 4. Hix AI

HIX.AI: Your Most Powerful, All-In-One AI Writing Copilot has an extra product called Hix Chat where you can upload files of your preferred format and chat with it. They use the same model as GPT. On the positive side, it’s cheaper than ChatGPT with slightly better results. They even have an unlimited plan where you can get access to unlimited words. This is rare in ChatPDF AI tools.

Hix AI at a glance:
  •       Uses GPT model to train.
  •       Affordable prices for people who don’t want to spend $20.
  •       Factually correct information.
  •       Multiple doc types supported.
  •       It has a bit complex UI and pricing model as compared to other tools.

5. Slider ChatPDF

A slider is an AI tool that leverages generative AI to provide various products. One such product they have is ChatPDF. To make things simpler, it’s good if you are looking for a one-time-use product as the UI is extremely user-friendly. The free version is quite limited and the paid plans are super-expensive, and not at all recommended for individuals.

Slider PDF at a glance:
  •       Great for small work because of its user-friendly UI.
  •       Extremely expensive paid plans.
  •       It’s a complete suite. So, only recommended if you wish to use all their AI products.
  •       Only supports Doc, PDF, and PPT.
  •       Browser extensions and apps are available for desktop and mobile.


To conclude, these were the 5 best Chat PDF AI tools to have a conversation with the PDF files. You can upload your PDF or other document here, and ask your questions. The AI will answer the questions only from the PDF. If you are still confused about choosing one, we recommend going with ChatPDF as the free plan gives decent capabilities and the paid plans are affordable.

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