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Guide to using AI email assistant

Welcome to AI Jumble’s guide to using AI email assistant for your inbox. In this world of AI, there are a lot of AI email assistants coming into the market. 

Guide To Using AI Email Assistant

The first feature you will get in most of the email assistance is to prioritize your incoming emails. AI can analyze your past behavior and email content to prioritize important messages. So, if the message is more likely a cold email, they will automatically send it to another folder.

In the same way, the important emails rise to the top, while less urgent ones are pushed away for later review. This helps you stay on top of what matters most and avoids the fear of missing out on crucial emails.

Email Writer

One of the best features of any AI email assistant tool is that you will get an email writer. The email writer allows you to write the replies at a much faster speed. The AI will automatically create a reply for you.

Guide to using AI email assistant. The curated email is generated in such a way that it is relevant to the received emails. Most email tools will market these features as “Smart replies” or “Email writers”. So, if you see these features in the AI email assistant, it’s the writer. 

Your Arsenal of Emails

There are a lot of email tools that you will need. The base feature starts with templates. You might spend a lot of time curating a perfect design that is suitable for your brand. Instead, the AI email assistant tool will have a lot of curated templates you can use directly for your emails. 

In the same way, it helps you in organizing your emails as well. It will analyze the emails and help you in creating the charts you need. 


Automation is the most important feature of AI email assistant tools. You will need automation if you are creating workflows for your emails. The email assistant tools help you in creating workflows with automation. The AI helps you in creating the perfect automation. If you have multiple funnels, these AI tools will help you a lot.  

Should you go with the AI email assistant tools?

The short answer is obviously, YES. 

You need the AI email assistant especially tools like automation and email writer. This only applies if you are getting a lot of emails. If you’re not getting enough emails, you should not use such tools. Even Google Gemini will integrate with G-suite. HP shared some of the best email management tips out of which most can be solved using AI. 

If you’re looking for some of the best tools, you should check out Mail Butler. It’s a complete email management tool that will help you with your entire inbox management. We recently wrote a complete Mail Butler review where we talked about everything you need to know about the tool. 

Guide to using AI email assistant  AI Jumble has listed many such tools that will write the emails for you. Therefore, it’s recommended to visit the blog for more such tools. We at AI Jumble often curate a complete list of the best tools. Unlike others, AI Jumble just lists a few tools that are the best. 

You can check out the Best AI email assistant tools. You can use these tools to get the best out of your email inboxes. 


To conclude, AI email assistant tools help you with multiple email features. The main task of email management is to make your inbox more organized and help you send faster replies than usual. As it’s an AI, you can always track the data and make data-based decisions.

You can check out the AI Jumble directory where we have listed all the tools for email management and assistance. You will not only get an AI email assistant but we also have listed AI email writers. 

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