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Why did we build AI Jumble?

Good to see you here.

Welcome to AI Jumble! A portal with endless AI tools to select from. AI Jumble is a portal to find the right AI tools for your needs. Whether it’s your personal need or you want to use an AI tool for your business, we have the right choice for you. In this blog, we will let you know why did we build AI Jumble.

Why did we build Ai Jumble?

AI Jumble is a portal where you can search for the right AI tools for your needs. How you can search for it? We got the filters for you using which you can filter out from thousands of AI tools. As of the date of the launch, we have more than 5000 AI tools already listed and we are listing more tools as we move further. Guess what? It’s not limited to a listing website. We are a lot more than just a listing website.

What’s Inside AI Jumble?

Why did we build AI Jumble? The question is where to start? Has many answers. Here’s what you can begin with.

  • AI Directory
    Our core feature is the AI tool directory where you can find the right AI tools using filters and search bar. The AI directory also has some of the coolest filters such as sorting by reviews, sorting by the price model of the AI tool, and many more. So, you can find the right tools with the directory. 
  • Blogs
    Didn’t find the right AI tools? You can check out our blogs where we can cover the best tools, lists, comparisons, and much more. In the same blog section, we also have some of the detailed AI tools review which will cover the pros and cons of the tools and much more.
  • Web stories
    In the web stories section, we have a small slide show going on for whatever AI tool you want to put on. It’s like Netflix for your AI tools. You can browse through different web stories and find the right AI tools for your selection. 
  • C-level interview
    This is to know the mindset of the AI companies’ founders’. We interview them and ask them the right questions and the reasons why they are building what they are building. Reading this is too much informative for you. 
  • Newsletter
    It’s too overwhelming to consume content from around every section of AI Jumble, right? So, we got the newsletter section. In the newsletter, you will get a weekly email about what’s happening in the world of AI.

 What Are The Main Functionalities Of AI Jumble?

We have thousands of features now. However, these were the core ones through which we started the portal.

  • Simplified search: Find the perfect AI tool for your specific needs with our intuitive search filters and categories.
  • Detailed information: Gain valuable insights into each tool with comprehensive listings, reviews, and comparisons.
  • Expert insights: Stay ahead of all your peers with our blog posts, articles, and industry reports on the latest AI trends.
  • Comparison: You can compare AI tools to choose the right one for your personal or business needs.
  • Review a product: In the end, it’s users who matter. If you don’t like the product even if recommended, you can write a public review that anyone can see. As you can see, our main intention with all these was to help people find the right tools. But, who are people?

Who We Serve?

Why did we build AI Jumble? We broadly target anyone whose mind forces them to read the entire article when there is an “AI” word. Why did we build AI Jumble? It includes AI enthusiasts, students, teachers, working professionals, businesses, etc. However, we have 2 main parts for our portal.

  • People looking for AI tools.
  • People who want to grow their own AI tool.

 We help you find the right AI tool if you are the user. If you are a builder, we help you reach the right audience with our portal.

 Summary: Where to start?

 Wondering where to start using AI Jumble? Well, here’s how you can browse the website.

  •       Start with the AI directory if you wish to find some AI tools.
  •       If not, you can start with our blogs.
  •       We recommend subscribing to our newsletter to learn more about the AI world.

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