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Hix AI tools review: The ultimate AI writing tool?

Hix AI is becoming popular day by day as one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT and other writing assistants. However, is it worth it? We are going to see the same in this guide. We will see you cover every Hix AI tools review. Hix AI is a suite of all the AI tools where you can choose multiple tools. It becomes confusing for many people to choose one from these. So, the guide will start with the explanation of each tool and then we will cover the final verdict. So, let’s begin the Hix AI review

Hix AI tools review: The ultimate AI writing tool?

The first thing that comes to your mind while talking about Hix AI is the writing assistant. It has a great article writer. The best part about Hix is that they have categorized every writing bot into different parts. So, you will get a total of 120+ writing AI tools inside the Hix. So, you can use any of them as per your need.

The major categories include:
  •       Academic Writing
  •       Articles & SEO
  •       Email
  •       Social & Ad
  •       E-commerce
  •       Slogan Generator
  •       Others

Now, if you are not yet satisfied with the writer, they also have another tool called AI article writer. Let’s understand it in the below section.

Hix AI article writer

The ultimate AI writing tool? The main point of use for the Hix AI article writer is to create hallucination-free, fact-based, and SEO-friendly articles. Many people might think that it’s similar to the Hix AI writer. That is partly true. The writer module allows you to generate responses based on the previously fed data. If you are looking for SEO-based fact-checked data, you can use the article writer.

You can create the following types of articles here:

  •       News article
  •       Product roundups
  •       Single product reviews
  •       How to guides
  •       Product comparison articles

The major use is for Amazon and eCommerce where you can create roundups and tools to guide you.

Hix Bypass

One of the best tools in the Hix AI suite is Hix Bypass. As the name says, it allows you to bypass any AI detection tool. In today’s world, everyone is using GPTs to write articles. Just like that, many tools can detect if the content is written by GPTs. This tool allows you to rewrite the article in such a way that it goes undetected by the GPT detection. So, it’s pretty much useful if you are generating bulk content using AI and a tool that can bypass stuff for you. It works on most of the AI detection tools.

Browser GPT and Desktop GPT

The ultimate AI writing tool? These are the two extensions or software provided by Hix AI to allow you to write articles from anywhere. The desktop GPT allows you to have a standalone software of Hix AI while the browser GPT is an extension that helps you in reading a page or generating responses anytime and anywhere you want. These are two separate sections.

 Hix AI tools

They have a multiple tool list you can use. Some of these AI tools are free to use and don’t even require a login. So, if you are concerned about privacy or want to use these tools on a public computer, you can try them out.

 HIX Chat (ChatGPT Alternative)

A leading AI chatbot that can respond with up-to-date information.

HIX Chat (No Login)

Experience unrestricted access to HIX Chat. No login is needed.

HIX Editor (Notion AI Alternative)

The most intuitive AI text editor. Write, edit, and export in one place.

Chat GPT (No Login)

Use Chat GPT free without logging in!

GPT-4 Chat Online

Use GPT-4 chatbot free online.

Quill Bot

Experience the full power of Quill Bot’s Paraphrase.

HIX.AI review: Is it worth the price?

The ultimate AI writing tool? People getting excited about the tool should note that this is not an entire suite. Meaning, you will have to pay for each tool separately. It can be a bigger concern as people intend to pay a single fee for the entire suite. As of now, if you have fixed requirements and want to use one of these tools, you can surely use them. There are no issues and the price is also affordable. They even have a monthly plan you can start with. You can check the entire pricing here.

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