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Google Gemini vs Google Assistant?

Google is all set to go at the maximum speed for their AI revolution. Recently, they completely rebranded Bard to Gemini. At first, they launched Gemini 1.0 Ultra. Just a week after they launched Gemini 1.5 which is their advanced AI model for your AI needs. They even launched a mobile app for the Gemini. This blog will cover everything you need to know about Google Gemini and we will then discuss how you can replace your Google Assistant with the Google Gemini app. Let’s begin. 

What Is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is an advanced type of AI created by Google DeepMind. People wondering if it’s a new model, and the answer is no. Rather, it’s an upgrade from previous models called LaMDA and PaLM. Unlike those, Gemini can understand not just words but also pictures, videos, audio, and much more. So, you will get new features to generate pictures and much more in the future.

Gemini also has its chatbot that uses this technology to help people with tasks such as writing, organizing, learning, and other activities through Google AI. This is where we got the hint that it will replace Google Assistant. Now the question is Google Gemini: Is it time to replace the Google Assistant?

There are three versions of Gemini available

  • Gemini Ultra (now 1.5): the most advanced version
  • Gemini Pro: It is a lighter version
  • Gemini Nano: The smaller version for mobile. Of course, Google will monetize it by providing a paid upgrade. The basic version is still free.

Gemini Mobile App: All You Need To Know

Google introduced the Gemini mobile app for the US during the first week of its launch. It’s currently only available to users above 18 years of age and living in the United States. But, the question is: Is it worth it to replace Google Assistant with Google Gemini? Let’s compare it.

Google Assistant Vs Google Gemini

The major difference between Google Assistant and Google Gemini is that Assistant is a coded app limited to its functionality whereas Gemini is a trained AI model that will keep on improving as we move ahead. As of now, Google Assistant seems to be a better choice for many people as Gemini is only available in the US and it only has English language. However, as the time passes. Google Gemini will surely replace Google Assistant by default.

Let’s see a comparison of both of these.

Feature Google Assistant Google Gemini
Purpose A digital assistant that can help you with everyday tasks and provide information A generative AI chatbot and a large language model that can help you with creative and complex tasks and generate content
Input and output Voice and text Answers using text, voice, or even photo
Memory and follow-up Can remember and follow up on previous conversations Limited in terms of remembering prior questions
Availability Free to use for everyone Has a subscription service called Gemini Advanced
Device compatibility Available on many devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers, smart displays, and wearables Available on the web and Android devices
Integration Can connect with various Google apps and services (communication only) Can “integrate” with Google apps like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube
Major application Task management is limited to what’s already programmed Advanced AI model that can do anything and everything once it’s fully launched.
Language and regional support Supports multiple languages and regions Currently only supports English and is for ages 18+

How To Replace Google Assistant With Google Gemini?

When you download and activate Google Gemini, it will automatically replace Google Assistant. So, all you need to do is head over to the Play Store and download Gemini. Now the question is whether it is a good time to replace the Google Assistant.  Once you download it, it will ask you to accept the terms and will give you a brief overview of Gemini. Accept everything and it will replace Google Assistant. When you say “Okay Google”, it will now open Google Gemini instead of Assistant.

Summary: Is it worth it to replace an age-old assistant?

The short answer is YES. AI is the future and Google made a bold move in replacing the Assistant with Gemini. It’s a positive sign. Google Gemini AI is already pretty solid as compared to Bard. So, AI will surely help you with your needs way better than an Assistant. Also Read:

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