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4 Best AI email assistant tools for management

There are tons of AI email assistant tools for inbox management. Here, we are going to see the best AI email assistant tools for the management of your email inbox. Please take note that these tools are only for the email assistant. Many people are often looking for a complete email suite. We won’t disappoint you.

In the end, we have also included a complete email tool that is usable for marketing as well. So, you can carry on with the list to find the best AI email assistant for your team or small business. 

1. Sanebox

Sanebox offers a clean distraction-free inbox in just a few clicks. All you have to do is set up your account and you’re all set to integrate it with the inbox. They will check and analyze all your emails that are coming into your inbox.

Sign up: Sanebox

2. MailButler

Best AI email assistant tools for management Mailbutler is an extension for your inbox using which you can do multiple tasks such as organizing emails, automating replies, etc. This works along with your inbox and helps you add features to it. So, if you’re using Gmail and you want some extra features on it, you should be using Mailbutler. It’s a paid app with a base plan starting at just $4.95 a month. So, you can surely go with it. 

If you’re looking for a complete review, we have a Mailbutler review posted on AI Jumble. 

Sign up: Mailbutler

3. Emailtree

Best AI email assistant tools for management Emailtree is also included in our list of the best AI email assistant tools for management. You can use Emailtree to manage and organize your emails. So, if you’re getting a ton of emails in your inbox, Emailtree can organize them for you. It can even create a smart reply where the AI generates a quick email for you. Your agent can either use the same email or make the required changes to go. The price is too much even for a base plan. Therefore, it’s not the best tool according to us. However, it’s worth considering. 

Just like Mailbutler, we even have a full Emailtree Review where you can see the features and our final verdict on whether it’s worth going with the tool or not.

Sign up: Emailtree

4. Saleshandy

If you wish to send cold emails to your prospects, you should go with Saleshandy. It’s not a specific AI tool. Instead, it’s a complete email management tool with AI features in it. One AI feature to begin with is their AI email writing assistant which suggests improvements as you write. Further, you will also get real-time feedback on subject line length, spam trigger avoidance, personalization, and link insertion. So, you can craft a perfect email for your potential client. Above all, you can always do A/B testing of email variants to identify the best-performing version. 

Sign up: Saleshandy

Best AI Email Assistant Summary 

Best AI email assistant tools for management. We will now take a quick look at the summer to know which are the tools you need to go with. This will give you a bird-eye view of which are the best tools and when to use them. 

Tool Name Main Feature Use Case Pricing (per user/month)
Sandbox Smart inbox prioritization & clutter removal Individuals & Businesses Starts at $7
Mailbutler All-in-one tools for small features Small businesses & Teams Starts at $4.95
EmailTree Workflow automation & reply suggestions Businesses & Sales Teams Starts at €120 
Saleshandy Complete email solution Sales Professionals & Teams Starts at $27

There are a few other tools as well which many people are wonder. One such tool is called “Clean email”. Clean email has gained very much popularity these days. People even keep comparing these tools with them. So, we have made your work a bit easier. 

We have a complete Sanebox vs Emailtree vs Clean email comparison. You can surely have a look at it for a complete battle. 


To conclude, it’s highly recommended to use AI for your emails to make the work easier. Nowadays, with so many AI tools in the market, you can easily get started with any of them and start making your life easier and better.  At AI Jumble, we bring in all the tools in one place. Our repository has a complete list of AI tools for the same. Do check out the directory to find out the best tools. If you’re looking for the list of AI tools, you can go through our blogs.

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