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Sanebox vs Emailtree vs Clean email

We are back with another great comparison blog for you. Today, we are going to go through a complete Sanebox vs Emailtree vs Clean email comparison.  All these email assistants use AI in one place or another. The battle will start with the basic overview and then we will get into the main comparison table and then AI Jumble will end with a final recommendation. 

What is Sanebox?

Sanebox is an organization AI tool where you can organize your inbox in the best way possible using AI. SaneBox’s AI identifies important emails for you. It will read the emails and then automatically organize them. With this, you won’t have to worry about all emails piling up.

What is Emailtree?

Emailtree is an email management platform that uses generative AI to make your emails much easier to read and reply to. It’s usually for the team that receives a lot of emails from the customers. Emailtree will customize the emails and will help the agents with smart replies. 

We already have a complete Emailtree Review. In the review, we have talked about how you can use Emailtree, their pricing, features, and much more. This will give you a complete idea of how you should get started with the tool. 

What is Clean Email?

Clean Email is the tool that helps you in keeping your emails clean. If there are a ton of email addresses in your inbox, this tool can clean the emails for you. It’s not categorized as an AI tool. However, the work it does is no less than a nano AI tool. So, AI Jumble has included this tool in the comparison battle between Sanebox vs Emailtree vs Clean Email. 

Sanebox vs Emailtree vs Clean email

A comparison is useless without a table. So, this table will give you a full idea of which is the best tool Sanebox vs Emailtree vs Clean Email. We will then give AI Jumble’s opinion on it. 

Feature SaneBox EmailTree Clean Email
Primary Function Inbox prioritization with AI filtering Automate customer service workflows with AI Inbox cleaning & organization with some AI assistance
AI Features – Learns user behavior to prioritize emails – Suggests labels and folders – Automates email classification & routing – Suggests personalized customer service replies – Uses AI to identify bulk unsubscribe opportunities
Additional Features – Custom filters & folders – Snooze emails, unsubscribe in bulk, manage attachments – Knowledge base integration – Performance tracking for agents – Read Later folder – Bulk actions for the organization
Learning Curve Moderate High Low
Pricing Paid plans at just $3.49 per month (free trial available) A much higher price of 120 € /month Paid plans at roughly $10 per month  (limited free version)
Focus on Customer Service No Yes No
Platform Compatibility All IMAP accounts All IMAP accounts All IMAP accounts
Data Security Standard Not readily available Prioritizes data security
Best For Individual users & businesses Businesses with customer support teams Individual users
Focus of AI Focuses on user behavior and email content Focuses on automating tasks and improving communication Focuses on identifying bulk actions and simplifying organization

AI Jumble’s recommendation

Now comes the AI Jumble’s recommendation on which is better, Sanebox vs Emailtree vs Clean Email. 

AI Jumble is your one-stop shop for exploring the ever-growing world of Artificial Intelligence. We make it easy to navigate the thousands of AI tools available by offering a searchable, filterable directory. Whether you’re a seasoned tech pro or just starting your AI journey, AI Jumble helps you compare and find the ideal tool for your needs. First things first, managing just the incoming inbox is a very small task and you shouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars on it

So, we would recommend going with an affordable tool. There is only one affordable tool here which is Sanebox.  So, that’s our final recommendation. 

It’s hard to select a great email assistant for your email work. So, you should ensure that you’re using the best email assistant AI tools for the same. AI Jumble often creates a top list on which are the best AI tools you can use. Most recently, we created a blog for Best AI email assistant tools. These are the tools curated by our team to manage your inbox in the best way possible.  


To conclude, this was all about Sanebox vs Emailtree vs Clean Email. Our recommendation would be to go with Sanebox. However, these are not the only three AI email tools you can use. There are thousands of other AI tools for email management.

You can have a look at the AI Jumble Directory and head over to the email management category for the same. You will find many such tools in the directory.

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