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ChatPDF Review: Pricing, features, and how to use?

ChatPDF is a popular AI tool in the market right now. If you are planning to use a chatbot for a custom PDF, these types of tools are the answers for you. You can easily start with ChatPDF. This guide will cover everything you need to know about ChatPDF.
It not only includes a complete ChatPDF review, but we are also going to cover some of the ChatPDF pricing and add a few more tips for you, we will see the top ChatPDF features and how to use them effectively to get the best out of the tool.

Overview Of ChatPDF

ChatPDF is a chatbot where you can upload your PDF file and it will then check the entire PDF and then answer anything you ask of it. The user interface for this tool is simple and easy. So, it has become the top choice of students and researchers. These are called micro AI tools where the main use is quite limited. However, these AI tools are best at what they do.  Let’s have a look at the features to know more about it. AI Jumble is your one-stop AI directory, allowing you to search, filter, compare, and find the perfect tool for your needs.

Features of ChatPDF

  • AI-Powered PDF Interaction:  Think of it as ChatGPT for PDFs but with no cost.
  • Student-Friendly Tool: It’s great for students as it can also help with research papers and books.
  • Professional Resource: Want help scanning legal contracts, financial reports, manuals, and training materials? ChatPDF can do it too.
  • Multi-File Conversations: Enables the creation of folders for file organization and supports chatting with multiple PDFs within a single conversation for better insights.
  • Cited Sources: It provides answers that reference specific locations in the original PDF document. No more scrolling through all the pages just to find the right source.
  • Global Accessibility: Available for use worldwide, ChatPDF supports PDFs in any language and can interact in multiple languages, catering to a global user base.

 How to use ChatPDF?

  • When you open the homepage of the website, you will see an upload file section where you can upload your PDF file.
  • Once you do it, you can wait a while till AI scans your entire document. It hardly takes a minute at max.
  • You can then ask questions to the chatbot and it will answer the answers from the PDF file along with the right sources.

ChatPDF pricing

  • ChatPDF pricing is the most exciting part of this entire ChatPDF review. It’s easier to find the pricing page on the official website of ChatPDF.
  • They use Purchasing power parity (PPP) for their pricing. Meaning, that if you are from a small economy, you will have to pay a lower price.
  • The standard price for their US customers is $19.99 per month.
  • You might wonder what’s included in the free plan, right?
  • Well, ChatPDF allows you to use it for free with 2 PDFs every day, each up to 120 pages.
  • The bad part is that even the paid version has some limits. Here are the features you will get in the Plus plan.
  • Unlimited PDFs
  • Unlimited questions
  • 2,000 pages/PDF
  • 50 PDFs/folder
  • 32 MB/PDF

 Pros of ChatPDF

  • PPP-supported pricing. Meaning, that you will have to pay lower costs if you are not from a developed country.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use even for a beginner who has no experience in AI tools.
  • Supports multiple languages and also cites the sources. 

 Cons of ChatPDF

  • Their website lacks navigational features. You will have to head over to the FAQ section to find the pricing.
  • They only have 1 paid plan.
  • Even the paid plan has certain limitations. There is no way to remove them as of now

ChatPDF review: Is it worth it?

Well, to begin with, if you are planning to use the free version, you can surely use it. There are no issues with it. However, if you are planning to pay for the paid version, you will have to define your needs. For example, even the paid plan allows PDF files up to 2000 pages only. So, if your PDF is bigger than that, you might have to consider some other alternatives. Overall, the AI is worth it even for a paid plan as long as you fit into their requirements.

Signup:  ChatPDF – Chat with any PDF!

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